ADT wins competition at Shrewsbury Folk Fest 2017

Photo by Rich Spencer 

Photo by Rich Spencer 

It's funny how things weave together.

When I started working the Tipis it was something different, some variety to help with developing new skills and to get some fast cash. I never thought it could lead to me playing at Glastonbury 2016 or to ADT winning the open mic competition at Shrewsbury folk festival this year!

Black Dog Tipi's are a 'glamping' company based in Devon and they operate all over the UK.
I remember when I got the phone call from Tom: I had just returned from my spring trip to europe in 2014 and was on a coach to Bristol, contemplating my life options.  
"Rob, it's Tom. Hannah told me that you might be kind of in-between things at the moment and...well we could use an extra pair of hands".

For the next three summers, I got used to living mostly outdoors (or in a tent/van), lifting canvas and hammering pegs, then sitting by the fire in the evenings and enjoying the warmth. It was great fun, not to mention the festivals!

Shrewsbury was the last Tipi gig of this season and just as I was turning my thoughts away from tents and back to my music career, the two things seem to have gone and wound together...

The rope is tight around the wooden pegs as we heave them from the hard dirt ground. It's humbling to feel the rain on the back of our necks and to see the almost pitiful looks from strangers as they leave the festival gates...if only they knew.
(The prestigious festival holds an open mic competition each year and the winner is invited back the following year for an official slot)
See you next year Shrewsbury!

In other news, we have a new record launching on 1st October (officially) but there will be a special Lichfield EP release show on the 1st September (This Friday) where 50 copies of the EP will be for sale in person. First come, first served. We are delighted to announce that 'Bric-a-Brac' will also be performing alongside us (we saw these guys play at Shrewsbury and couldn't get enough of their infectious folk sound).

This month we also did some recording at the new 'Ivy Lane studios' in Dartmouth and thanks to our good friend Alfi Romeo, we now have two new singles waiting to be mixed. They already sound fantastic!

One more day of Tipi's to go and as we fall asleep, we hear the distant sound of fiddles and a hundred voices singing in harmony as the festival gates close for the night.

Upcoming shows:

Friday Sept 1st
Exclusive EP launch show
Brewhouse & Kitchen

Sunday Sept 10th
Balstock Festival
The White Lion

Sat October 14th
Lichfield Festival of Folk
Lichfield Guild Hall
(early show 1.30pm)

Your fan,


Big Crane music Video out Tomorrow!


It's a cool night in Antigua , Guatemala. The volcano, Fuego, is erupting softly in the distance and the cobbled streets are almost empty. 

The stage is set


I conceal my dictaphone in my coat, I can hear the bells at the Merced church begin to ring and the familiar opening riff of the song comes drifting out of my inside pocket...

"Big Crane heard my shout, Big Crane gonna lift my doubts"

The video for "Big Crane" is coming Tomorrow!

Make sure you pre-order our EP "Home from Home" on iTunes or where you get the single download straight away!