From Mexico to Ireland

As I shake the last bit of Caribbean sand from my guitar case and change my guitar strings, all rusty from the the salty air, I glance over at Alicia who is ‘in the zone’ busy booking shows for the autumn. As usual, coffee going cold in the window as she types fervently.


When you look at the calendar and see “family holiday” it’s easy to forget how easily “days off” fill up.

Life might be what happens to you while you’re making other plans, but so are taxes, and MOT, family health scares, and needing new brake callipers. (We did the work ourselves in the car park of a friendly bar tender, Andy, who brought us tea and coffee) And Molly Lee (the van) is right as rain to drive around Ireland now!


It’s enough to make a DIY musician wonder why exactly they do this!

But then we work up a new song, dip our toes in the cold Irish Sea, and are grateful for every step of the way, every crowded pub and sofa bed, every good busking spot and cafe with fast WiFi...

Our tour of Ireland is in full swing, we’ll be playing shows all around the Emerald Isle, and up in Northern Ireland to finish off the tour in Belfast and Bangor.

It’s a little different to the Mexican Caribbean, but the overcast rainy day has the locals remarking how “nice” the weather is, so we’ll take it.


We just released a new video for The Prickly Bush, check it out!

We all need the record store

We have set a goal this summer to get our vinyls into some record stores in the UK, so that our music will be accessible here while we are in the USA and beyond.  We are putting together a database of independent record stores so if you have any to suggest please let us know!

My father has an extensive vinyl collection, from Rocky Horror Picture Show to Cab Calloway, from Queen to Laurie Anderson, to National Lampoon’s Radio Dinner, and everything in between.

On a Saturday afternoon you’d find him in the front room sitting in his red leather chair listening to records, his feet up, his eyes closed.  I was the only kid quiet enough (sometimes) or maybe even interested enough, to sit in there with him, drawing in the corner, letting the music sweep over me.

I loved it.

Aside from the numerous Christmas records that Robert’s dad has, and more Jazz/Classical, our fathers’ record collections have a lot of crossover.  We talk about how The Who, The Zombies, and other classic rock has had its own influence on us.

Growing up I thought for a long time that my mom wasn’t into music, she couldn’t even tell you what was Pink Floyd and what was Prince.  I think it was through selling her pottery at local music festivals that she started getting into music.  Local music. Buying the CD from the artists themselves, talking with them after their set.  she had more than just a connection to the music, she had a connection to the musicians themselves.  Human to human, heart to heart.

Robert’s mother will often say she’s “not that into music” and “The Beatles sing from their noses” and “I’m not bothered” but there have been nights where we sit and listen to music as a family, sharing songs back and forth, and I’ve seen her singing along.  And when the song is an upbeat one, she’s up dancing, and I can’t help but join in.

Our music libraries grew from childhood.  Expanding in directions separate from our parents’ interests.  Introducing new music to them, and vice versa.

As a teenager you could find me at Schoolkids Records on Franklin Street in Chapel hill (though I was homeschooled myself, and it was, admittedly CDs I was after) more often than not in search of a local music, The B-Sides (later they changed to The Never), Shannon O’Connor, Stranger Spirits, Midtown Dickens, The Future King’s of Nowhere, Mandolin Orange, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, there was so much good music coming out of North Carolina, heck there still is!  And Schoolkids is still there, in Chapel Hill and Raleigh (the Durham branch closed a while back).  We need stores like these!m, yet more and more are closing!

Today is National Record Store day, go out and show your local record stores some loving!  Not just today, but whenever you are able!  Shop local, support local music!

Oh and you can buy our very own vinyl record online here! (We’ll let you know when and where it is available in stores!)

As independent musicians working to promote ourselves and produce our own music, record stores like these are essential. You can follow us on Spotify, subscribe to our YouTube, or add us to your library on Apple Music, etc. but more than that, we make these albums as physical forms, art and music, something to cherish.  So when you like a local band, buy their music, talk to them after the show, and if the music takes you, then dance!


Simple, familiar and Pure

It’s the coldest week of the year here in Antigua, Guatemala.  We rushed back from the hot and humid Pacific coast just in time, as if we couldn’t wait to wear jackets again, and dove straight into a weekend of gigs.

(When we say “coldest” it seems important to point out that jacket wearing is seldom needed during the day...and this time last year we were in the Netherlands, so maybe we should call this ‘a bit chilly’.  For those of you in colder climates, we are sending you the warmest regards!).

“Your music at Doozy Koala?” Our friend Sarah had remarked the afternoon before our final show of the weekend, “but that’s just a hostel full of partying Ozzies!!”

However, hours later, amid candles and Christmas lights (that screeched “Frosty the Snowman” on high-pitched synthetic bells from hell if you pushed the button one time too many), we played an intimate show to a crowd of avid listeners.  The hostel guests, (still hungover from the weekend), seemed grateful for a change of pace.  We brought folks out too, not only were there some fellow travellers who we met by lake Atitlán last month, but several other people who had seen one (or two) of our shows earlier that weekend, AND last but not least; Norm and Mimi.


Norm and Mimi are regular winter-in-Antigua characters, Mimi was first drawn to Antigua as a chocolatier, and it wasn’t long before Norm brought his cornet down.  When you don’t find him in his captain’s hat reciting old poetry at the bar in Café No Sé (to a few engaged tourists hanging on his every word) you’ll find him sitting in with musicians all across town, playing tastefully, in such a way that it lifts  up the whole vibe.  He joined us for the last few songs, and what a treat!


It’s not just Norm and Mimi, it’s not just us, so many people come back again and again. There is something magnetic about Guatemala and Antigua in particular. The smoke from Volcán Fuego is equal parts terrifying and beautiful, the cobblestone streets are straight out of a storybook, and maybe it is “something in the water” (although we highly recommend filtering it before you drink it) but whatever is, we keep coming back for more.

After the show at the Doozy Koala (they’ve asked us back to play again) we watched the lunar eclipse from the courtyard at our own hostel. The moon went gracefully from brilliant silver, to the darkest grey, and finally the deepest red.


And so are we, ever in flux, finding our place here in the vibrant tapestry of colliding cultures, and music, and oh the food!  Well, at least for a few weeks, and then on to the next (But we’ll be back)

Back in November, in New York City, we recorded this live video for our song ‘On A Whim’, now it’s ready for you to enjoy!

If you’re in Antigua, check out our upcoming shows at


Your fan, 


Life's too long to stay young

“It’s plucky, it’s haunting, and it never hits a false note. Rosa Rosa is one of those rare folk songs that has the capacity to live past its time. “ - Two Story Melody Read the full article here

Check out the live video that we shot with Zanni Productions at the HQ for Illegal Mezcal in New York City!

We know some of you have been waiting for the album to come out on vinyl and we are excited to announce they are almost ready! If you haven’t done so already, place your vinyl pre-order now!

Leaving New York was bitter sweet (although, we won’t miss the bitter cold) seeing family and friends, and traversing new parts of the world ( inc. Niagara Falls, for one!) has been an incredible experience. this Autumn has been one for the books, Hurricanes and all.

It was mid-day when we arrived in Guatemala city and haggled for a taxi ride over the mountain to Antigua. The warm air welcomed us through open windows. Motor oil and gasoline mixing with the sweet smells of flower blossoms and tortillas cooking on open fires

Between local gigs here we are setting time aside to work on new material, we have lots of new songs in the works and there is plenty of inspiration down here in this vibrant country. We are also booking our 2019 UK tour (so if you’re thinking of booking us for a house concert or garden party between mid June and mid September, now is a good time to get in touch!)

Thank you for joining us on this journey,

Your fan,


Potter's Field

“I was first introduced (to what a Potter's Field is) at a museum, as a kid. I was struck by the tragedy of it: to be buried without a name, I thought of the families who wouldn’t know whether to mourn or not” 
(see full press article).

Potter’s field is the first single from our debut album, we made this music video with the help of (Lichfield based) Wild Fire Media, during our tour in the Netherlands last February and for those of you who haven’t already seen it, check out the link below:

The wind has been snapping at our heels in NC.  The first to hit was Hurricane Florence, she stole our thunder; the “official Album Release” show, scheduled for the Back Room at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, was a literal wash out.  We escaped northward for the brunt of the storm.  When we returned to NC we thought we were in the clear, and then Hurricane Michael chased us down on highway 40, all the way to a radio gig in Statesville.  We saw trees come down across the highway, we saw roads washed out, and floodplains rushing like new born rivers.  The wind against the side of the Volvo as we rerouted again and again.

Despite the hard blows from the hurricanes “On A Whim” has been garnering some good reviews online which is helping us reach a wider audience, and some of our hard work seems to be paying off!

Snapshot from our show at ISIS Music Hall, Asheville

Snapshot from our show at ISIS Music Hall, Asheville

Sometimes it’s hard to see the woods for the trees, especially when the trees are crashing down, and the rivers are rising, but we are working on keeping ourselves above the water (metaphorically and otherwise)!  The music scene in NC is vibrant, and resilient, and we are inspired by our followers and fellow musicians alike.  We are so grateful to have you along for the ride. 

Upcoming shows:
Fermental Beer & Wine
Wilmington, NC, United States

Flytrap Brewing
Wilmington, NC, United States

Haw River Ballroom
Saxapahaw, NC, United States

Haw River Ballroom
Saxapahaw, NC, United States

(Supporting Jonathan Byrd for his record release show)

House Concert
Philadelphia, PA, United States

New York, NY, United States

ShrineNew York, NY, United States

SidewalkNew York, NY, United States

Your fan,


Album Launched

Our debut album ‘On A Whim’ is now available worldwide and we are so excited to finally be able to share this with you all!

A Different Thread

A lot of blood, sweat, tears, mud, rain, laughter and beers went into this record to get it to this point and all but one track was cut back to back in just ten days straight.

It rained for 8 of those days.

Jeff Crawford did an outstanding job as producer, engineer, mixer and part time therapist, let alone playing a host of instruments on this record and we highly recommend his studio in Chapel Hill, NC.

Check out Arbor Ridge Studios website here

We have so many thank you’s to the people who were involved and although we aren’t going to list names here, you all know who you are! Thank you!

CD’s and Vinyl can be purchased through BandCamp and of course, at our live shows.

People in Lichfield can buy the CD from S&J Music shop on Bird Street.

Some of you may be aware of the incoming 'Hurricane Florence’ which is headed for the Carolinas this evening.  Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we have to cancel tonight's record launch show at Cat’s Cradle in Carborro, however, we have plenty of NC tour dates coming up, see the tour page on our website.

Please take a moment to share the record on social media or with someone whom you think might like it!

To find the album, search ‘A Different Thread’ in iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music, Bandcamp and Soundcloud now!

Your fan,



Our debut full length album 'On A Whim' is due for official release next month, however, as of RIGHT NOW you can pre-order a copy and get three new tracks to download immediately!

Pre-ordering is a great way to guarantee you get your hands on a copy of our new album in the form that you want!
Order the DIGITAL ALBUM: receive three digital tracks right away and the full album on the September 13th!

Order the PHYSICAL CD: receive three digital tracks right away, the full digital album on September 13th and signed copy of our CD in the mail!

Order the LIMITED EDITION 12” VINYL: receive three digital tracks right away, the full digital album on September 13th AND then, at long last, the signed vinyl will be sent on it’s way to you by mid November. (We know this is a while to wait, but we decided to add the vinyl as a pre-order anyways because it is a limited run, first come first served!)
So many people have breathed life into this album from so many places; from the rolling hills of Staffordshire to the Appalachian mountains, to the 'deep south' of France! We are constantly inspired and humbled by our followers and community! Thank you for donating to our Kickstarter, for reading our emails, for bringing food to us when we were in the studio and letting us crash on your sofas! Thank you for coming to our shows again and again and for spreading the word about our journey. We are so grateful to have you along for the ride!
A million times thank you!
See you farther down the road!