The Fantastic Light Ship!

Photo by Emilie Barbier

Photo by Emilie Barbier

The VIP party on the John Sebastian was a corker of a night!

The 130 year boat is a magical venue, it smells like old wood and teak oil, and you can hear the harbour water lapping at its sides.  Maybe it was the booze, or the dancing, or some combination of both, but we all had our sea-legs on as the boat rocked with us all night.

'Moody Will and the Roll' kicked off the evening with some great tunes, and we are looking forward to them playing with us again this Saturday for the EP launch gig at the Lansdown in Clifton, Bristol! (get tickets here)

Part way through the evening Alicia Best joined us on violin and vocals (we are exploring our sound as a trio,) and as one person wrote; your voices blend like milk and honey.

We set up a typewriter on our merchandise table so that our crowd-funding campaign donors (and other VIP guests) could type anonymous feedback about the evening's events.  We will continue to use the typewriter at gigs for our email list and general feedback (perhaps some of you signed up for these emails via typewriter!)

In Dartmouth between shows and some busking, we hiked out by the coves and filmed this live video on the seaside cliffs.

Our gig on Tuesday in Birmingham marked five shows as a trio, in as many days.