Half way there

Greetings from North Carolina,


Our Kickstarter is almost 50% funded!
We have 19 more days to make our target and get this project off the ground!



Even with the tour in full swing we have managed to find the time to work up our material with local artists.  We cannot wait to get into the studio with these talented folks!

If you are able to support us from near or far, we have rewards (and our eternal thanks) for you!
Thank you to everyone who has already donated, your support means the world to us!

If you happen to be in the US south, come find us at a live show!


Your fan,


We're making a full album!


New songs? -Check!
Awesome studio in the woods in North Carolina? -Check!
Talented guest musicians ready? -Check!
Now we just need your support to make it happen!

We are super excited to be bringing our new songs to life and we can't wait to get our new album into your hands!

With Kickstarter it's all or nothing, if we don't make our goal, we don't get a penny of the money you've pledged, if our project succeeds then we can continue to share our music with you and the rest of the world!

If you would like to donate but you're not familiar with Kickstarter, simply choose one of the perks on the right hand side of the page (on some phones and tablets, you have to rotate the screen to see the full rewards)

Project ends in 30 days!

(Oh and by the way, today just so happens to be Robert's birthday so if you are feeling generous, follow the link)

Your Fan,


Out of the frying pan and into the skillet

A Different Thread

After two months touring in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, we are switching our berets for stetsons and turning our sails to the States for a tour of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee.

We can't wait to be on National Public Radio for the first time (April 27, on WUNC with Frank Stasio), or to perform with Jonathan Byrd again (this time at The Kraken), but we're most excited about going into the studio at the end of May to record our first full length album at Arbor Ridge Studios in North Carolina!

We have decided to crowd-fund the album through Kickstarter.com. The project launches tomorrow (Friday, April 6) which just so happens to be Roberts birthday(by complete coincidence, honest)!  He will be performing a solo launch concert in Lichfield at The Lounge, 9pm before flying out to America on Sunday.
Click here for the launch concert FaceBook event page

Look out for another email tomorrow with all the Kickstarter information!

Upcoming shows: 
(Click here for full venue info / timings)

April 6

April 13
Wendell, NC

April 14
Wilmington, NC

April 15
Wilmington, NC

April 19
Columbia, SC

April 20
Charleston, SC

April 25
Chapel Hill, NC

May 5 + 6
Thomas, WV

May 8
Charlottesville, VA

May 10
Blacksburg, VA

May 11
Morganton, NC

May 12
Floyd, VA

May 12
Asheville, NC

May 13
Sylva, NC

May 14
Knoxville, TN

May 15
Knoxville, TN

May 17
Asheville, NC

May 19
Saxapahaw, SC


Your fan,


March Europe Tour

On the road again...


For VENUE INFORMATION please click here

We're now half way through the tour and so far it has been a blast! We have enjoyed playing with Gerson on Cello who joined us at the last minute and really threw himself at the experience.
(Alicia and Gerson met three years ago, whilst busking in Chiapas, Mexico)
We are sad to say goodbye to Gerson today as he continues on his own travels to Italy, leaving Alicia and I to finish the tour.

We are heading south from the French Alps towards the Côte d'Azur and we're looking forward to some warmer climates.

For those of you who can make it to a concert, you will get the chance to hear some of our new material as we prepare for our upcoming studio session in North Carolina this May.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see some of you at a show soon!

(keep an eye out for videos on our Facebook and see our Instagram for tour snaps) 

Your fan,


Photo credit: Rich Spencer and Sofar Sounds

The wind just changed


One of the last places in Rotterdam to park for free is the North Island.

"I guess most people don't want to walk over the bridge to get into town"  said Alicia as we sipped espresso and tried to figure out why our video chat with Gerson wasn't connecting properly.

Gerson is a cellist from Mexico that Alicia met whilst travelling there and they did some playing together. "I remember only good vibes" said Alicia. 

Eventually the signal connected and we could see his face, lit up by the Portuguese sunshine. 

"I am scared of auditions" said Gerson in Spanish. 


Along the misty canals, past the neon lights and smoky bars of Amsterdam, we find ourselves staying with Ester and her family. They have an apartment in the North which is full to the ceiling with trinkets and fascinating objects. "I hate it when I can't  find what I'm looking for" said Ester as she peered at a bookshelf, "and I hate it when men don't sit down to pee". . . 


We adapt.

On this next phase of our journey will be collaborating with new folks near and far as Isaac stays home bound in Lichfield to focus on other projects.  A Different Thread turns to Europe to share our music with some new audiences, some new collaborators and some new songs in the works. We aren't exactly sure what it is we are looking for but it is bound to turn up around one of these windy corners.


The tour of France in march is coming together, Gerson will be joining us on cello with his own take on our songs and we can't wait to collaborate with folks in NC and head into the studio come spring time. Until then, watch out for some more videos coming soon!

In case you missed it,  here is a shoot we did in Isaacs back garden, shortly before our departure from the UK.  "I'll go one cold a grey morning" the bitter sweet of leaving.

Thanks for reading,

Your fan,  



It's a long road into November...

The Ivy crawling through the windowpane clutches to the glass frames that rattle in the howling wind, weather warnings for dark stormy night...
If it stays like this, someone's bin's going to blow over.

Aside from playing local shows and rehearsing, the band is part way through booking a tour and we are up to our pyjamas with phone calls in broken french, travelling Europe (via Google Maps) and consuming lots of hot broth.
It feels like being deep in a pile of plans.
I've also been thinking about my Grandfather and listening to coal miner songs.

 A Bust that my mother made of my Grandad. Illustration by Robert Jackson

A Bust that my mother made of my Grandad.
Illustration by Robert Jackson


We are proud to announce we will be supporting Moulettes at the Guild Hall on wed 13th Dec on behalf of Lichfield Arts!
(We have a few FREE TICKETS up for grabs, we can get you in if you get in touch!)
Facebook event page
Listen to Moulettes below:

 With a name longer than ours, "Echo Wants her Voice Back" is launching a new single featuring our very own Isaac on cello!     Facebook event page

With a name longer than ours, "Echo Wants her Voice Back" is launching a new single featuring our very own Isaac on cello!

Facebook event page

 We're playing an intimate Christmas show with some of Bristol's nautical musicians and Jabba on Tuesday Dec 5th   Tickets    Facebook event page   We also have  another Bristol show  on the 22nd Dec with Moody Will and the Roll

We're playing an intimate Christmas show with some of Bristol's nautical musicians and Jabba on Tuesday Dec 5th


Facebook event page

We also have another Bristol show on the 22nd Dec with Moody Will and the Roll

Amsterdam is on the horizon for Alicia and Robert and with Isaac joining in for a March tour of France leading up to the US trip in May, next year is already looking good for ADT!

Thank you for reading and for sharing this journey with us.

Happy Thanks-Giving,
your fan,


Upcoming shows:

Falling Forward

Photo by Joni Nelson

"I've never heard music like that before", said one of the judges, "What would you even call that? British-Americana?"

Actually, yes, that's exactly what we call it!

We managed to make a good impression at our audition for the nationwide SoundWaves music competition in Birmingham on Sunday and we await the results of our heat.

We might even have landed a booking at the venue where our audition was held (The Victoria near New Street station) thanks to the resident sound engineer who was behind the desk.

In the midst of all these drying leaves, we have been working hard on booking ourselves up for next year. It's strange to be thinking so far ahead in the future after living the last few years on the fly, it kind of feels like falling forward... but it's nice to know that we have some exciting things in the pipe line!

Oh and we've also been making these bad boys!


This friday (tomorrow) we will be playing an intimate show in the back room at George IV Lichfield with support from Chris Elliott of Bric-a-Brac!

Check out this cracking tune below!

Upcoming shows:

Fri 10th Nov
George IV (back room)

Sat 11th Nov
The Shire Oak

Fri 17th Nov
The Greyhound

Thu 30th Nov
Luna Lounge

Fri 1st Dec
The George Tavern
(With Echo wants her voice back)

Tues 5th Dec
The Lansdown

Your fan,