Transatlantic duo, A Different Thread, is a collaboration between Alicia Best from Durham, North Carolina and Robert Jackson from Lichfield, England. Two travelling songwriters who met busking in Galway, Ireland in 2016. Their original songs are inspired by the music that has crisscrossed the Atlantic over the generations in true folk fashion.

Together they deliver a bluesy blend of Beatlesque folk rock meets Gillian Welch dark country. Their self labelled ‘British Americana’ style has been described by internet magazine, Folk Radio UK, as “a strong, independent new sound”. It led them to win first place in the open mic competition at Shrewsbury Folk Festival in 2017 and a land prime feature slot on American National Public Radio last year.

Even Country legend, Steve Earle recently praised their live performance at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival NC, where the artists shared the bill.

Travelling and change are very much a theme, even down to Alicia’s home made suitcase drum kit and the stickers on their luggage. Live shows have been described as ‘intriguing and fascinating’ and music blog, Rocking Magpie said “they don’t sound like anyone else”.

Having just finished six months of dates in the USA, Ireland, Mexico and Guatemala, they return to the UK for a three month tour and to record their next release in Bristol.