From Mexico to Ireland

As I shake the last bit of Caribbean sand from my guitar case and change my guitar strings, all rusty from the the salty air, I glance over at Alicia who is ‘in the zone’ busy booking shows for the autumn. As usual, coffee going cold in the window as she types fervently.


When you look at the calendar and see “family holiday” it’s easy to forget how easily “days off” fill up.

Life might be what happens to you while you’re making other plans, but so are taxes, and MOT, family health scares, and needing new brake callipers. (We did the work ourselves in the car park of a friendly bar tender, Andy, who brought us tea and coffee) And Molly Lee (the van) is right as rain to drive around Ireland now!


It’s enough to make a DIY musician wonder why exactly they do this!

But then we work up a new song, dip our toes in the cold Irish Sea, and are grateful for every step of the way, every crowded pub and sofa bed, every good busking spot and cafe with fast WiFi...

Our tour of Ireland is in full swing, we’ll be playing shows all around the Emerald Isle, and up in Northern Ireland to finish off the tour in Belfast and Bangor.

It’s a little different to the Mexican Caribbean, but the overcast rainy day has the locals remarking how “nice” the weather is, so we’ll take it.


We just released a new video for The Prickly Bush, check it out!