"You're not allowed to play music here, you have to stop" said the burly security guard, holding his walkie-talkie threateningly.  We were in the old tobacco district in downtown Durham, NC, gearing up for our interview and live session on national public radio...
and trying not to get kicked off the premises!

A Different Thread

Frank Stasio's voice is a daily comfort for many Americans living in North Carolina who tune in to listen to his show 'The State of Things'. 
"Oh you brought the ukulele!" he said when he walked in and saw Alicia strumming along.
"I can't believe that's Frank Stasio" said Kaiah, as Frank walked by. Birdie let out a faint yelp.

Click here to listen to the full 15 minute slot on WUNC

And here is a short clip of us rehearsing in the studio before the interview with our guest musicians; Kaiah Wells and Birdie Baird.

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