Life's too long to stay young

“It’s plucky, it’s haunting, and it never hits a false note. Rosa Rosa is one of those rare folk songs that has the capacity to live past its time. “ - Two Story Melody Read the full article here

Check out the live video that we shot with Zanni Productions at the HQ for Illegal Mezcal in New York City!

We know some of you have been waiting for the album to come out on vinyl and we are excited to announce they are almost ready! If you haven’t done so already, place your vinyl pre-order now!

Leaving New York was bitter sweet (although, we won’t miss the bitter cold) seeing family and friends, and traversing new parts of the world ( inc. Niagara Falls, for one!) has been an incredible experience. this Autumn has been one for the books, Hurricanes and all.

It was mid-day when we arrived in Guatemala city and haggled for a taxi ride over the mountain to Antigua. The warm air welcomed us through open windows. Motor oil and gasoline mixing with the sweet smells of flower blossoms and tortillas cooking on open fires

Between local gigs here we are setting time aside to work on new material, we have lots of new songs in the works and there is plenty of inspiration down here in this vibrant country. We are also booking our 2019 UK tour (so if you’re thinking of booking us for a house concert or garden party between mid June and mid September, now is a good time to get in touch!)

Thank you for joining us on this journey,

Your fan,