The wind just changed


One of the last places in Rotterdam to park for free is the North Island.

"I guess most people don't want to walk over the bridge to get into town"  said Alicia as we sipped espresso and tried to figure out why our video chat with Gerson wasn't connecting properly.

Gerson is a cellist from Mexico that Alicia met whilst travelling there and they did some playing together. "I remember only good vibes" said Alicia. 

Eventually the signal connected and we could see his face, lit up by the Portuguese sunshine. 

"I am scared of auditions" said Gerson in Spanish. 


Along the misty canals, past the neon lights and smoky bars of Amsterdam, we find ourselves staying with Ester and her family. They have an apartment in the North which is full to the ceiling with trinkets and fascinating objects. "I hate it when I can't  find what I'm looking for" said Ester as she peered at a bookshelf, "and I hate it when men don't sit down to pee". . . 


We adapt.

On this next phase of our journey will be collaborating with new folks near and far as Isaac stays home bound in Lichfield to focus on other projects.  A Different Thread turns to Europe to share our music with some new audiences, some new collaborators and some new songs in the works. We aren't exactly sure what it is we are looking for but it is bound to turn up around one of these windy corners.


The tour of France in march is coming together, Gerson will be joining us on cello with his own take on our songs and we can't wait to collaborate with folks in NC and head into the studio come spring time. Until then, watch out for some more videos coming soon!

In case you missed it,  here is a shoot we did in Isaacs back garden, shortly before our departure from the UK.  "I'll go one cold a grey morning" the bitter sweet of leaving.

Thanks for reading,

Your fan,