A fine time to be a musician

Photo by Rich Spencer

I licked the brown manilla envelope, sealing the last CD inside, tasting the faint sweetness of the glue...

it tasted of hope

(there is no way of knowing if they will even read the letter, let alone write a reply)

it tasted like determination

(or if they will run their fingernail down the spine of the CD sleeve, breaking the tight cellophane)

it tasted of ambition

(or if the lyrics and melodies will sink in, or if the disc will even get to spin)

it tasted like fingers crossed...


Luckily I managed to write the last letter before the typewriter jammed again


Our second EP 'High Time' is now available for purchase worldwide!

This week, the track: Cherry Tree was featured on Folk Radio UK's weekly show and we also landed a review from Listen with Monger! 

"Lichfield. Not necessarily the hot bed of musical talent you might expect the sound of delicate genius to come from but then I heard A Different Thread and my perceptions of Lichfield changed".

Click here to read the full review 

Speaking of Lichfield, this weekend we are looking forward to playing at the Lichfield Festival of Folk (L2F) on Saturday at the Guildhall. Other artists include Jon Boden, Sheelanagig and Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin.

Click here for tickets.


After a roller coaster of a summer, it feels good have had some time to take stock and reflect

It can be challenging when things don't work out exactly how you expected

but then expectation is a dangerous thing

I will finish with this motivational quote from Jane Siberry:

"Since the music industry cracked and fell apart, gasping for the cash flow it had come to expect, much re-thinking has been the order of the day. It is a fine time to be a musician. Like walking through Sodom and Gomorrah while it is still smoking, on your way to the next gig."

Upcoming shows: 

Sat 14th Oct
Lichfield Folk Festival (L2F)
Guildhall, Lichfield

Thu 2nd Nov
The Venue, Derby
(With Kerri Watt)


Fri 3rd Nov
The Crown, Lichfield


Fri 10th Nov
George IV, Lichfield

Fri 17th Nov
The Greyhound, Lichfield

Wed 29th Nov
Sofar sounds concert

Thu 30th Nov
Luna Lounge


Fri 1st Dec
The George Tavern

Tue 5th Dec
The Lansdown

Your fan,


Top photo by Rich Spencer