Practice makes perfect

"Let's run through that one more time"

We were practicing for our upcoming audition for Soundwaves competition.
10 minutes to showcase what we can do...
10 minutes to make an impression

10 minutes to squeeze 3 songs into, just

"I think Cherry Tree is still a little slow..." 

Practice makes perfect

On sunday the 5th November we will be performing in Birmingham to a panel of judges. They will be marking us on our audience participation as well as overall sound and stage presence and we have just a few tickets available!

We don't always know what we are getting ourselves into when we say "yes" to the opportunities that come our way, but we leap joyfully into the unknown!  

In the wise words of Robert Jackson, "I play every gig as if it's the most important gig of our lives"

Please get in touch if you would like to come and hang out with us for the day and show your support!

Tomorrow we are in the BBC studio with Dr. Phil Hammond for BBC Radio Bristol,
tune in from 11.10am to hear us play live on air!

Upcoming shows:

Fri 3rd Nov
The Crown

Fri 17th Nov
The Greyhound

Thu 30th Nov
Luna Lounge

Fri 1st Dec
The George Tavern
(With Echo wants her voice back)

Tues 5th Dec
The Lansdown

Your fan,